Imagine growing up in the inner city seeing crime and drugs all around you, every day and every night. By the time you turn 8, you’re living the life of an orphan being bounced from place to place. Your story could be a sad one but instead you choose to take the higher road! This is the life story of a young rapper who found a way to overcome the treacherous streets of  West Oakland,Ca to find an opportunity where there were none. For Anomosity, life has not been easy but he found a way to escape. This young man found a way to get through these things by transforming into Anomosity;”THE FIRE THAT’S GONE BURN THE LAND“. Not only is he heat waves but he brings the fire with lyrics that draw you immediately into his world.Anomosity makes it clear that he doesn’t rap about acquiring material things. His goal is to give his fans something to look forward to, to encourage them, to help them see the reality of the streets without preaching to them. His style is unique as he raps to beats that make anyone rock. His subject matter: “THE FIRE THAT’S GONE BURN THE LAND”,Is for sure to be a hot topic. This young man doesn’t want to stop at music either. His next goal is to enroll in college to study business and music marketing. Eventually, he would like to be in a movie where he co-writes,co-produces and directs it and play’s the leading roll.(Dreamer Can sum up Anomosity) He is currently selling his debut album: “Prizonology_Political Affiliation” Nothing will stop Anomosity from reaching the top! ‘NOTHING’ Anomosity is sure to be recognized real soon.{BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR Anomosity}THE FIRE THAT’S GONE BURN THE LAND”

Music from this artist is just starting to take off & things are looking positive his for future developments. Anomosity also has good knowledge of the business side of music & uses this to help push forward his other talents. As always you can purchase Anomosity from the iTunes store or use other digital retailers to make a purchase. CD production is a future development we hope to achieve, if you just cant wait that long, use iTunes to get your copy of Anomosity’s single “Goon” .Copyright of music belongs to Anomosity.


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